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Latest Press Releases


(Houston, TX) -- Pianist Richard Henry has just launched World Wide Jazz and Hip Hop Knights which are websites geared towards providing content for listeners of jazz and hip hop. Both websites will offer merchandise, exclusive content and forums. The Hip Hop site however will offer a hip hop writing service.

Logo branded merchandise will be offered showing the companies’ logos in which fans can show their affiliation. Merchandise such as hoodies, t-shirts, caps, mugs and binders will be offered as well as other items.

“My background in music has made both of these websites possible as I expect to continually learn more to help me sustain these businesses,” said Henry. “Learning how to play jazz piano and rap has allowed me to pursue this vision.”

Exclusive content will be offered on the websites that will feature written articles at $3.95 per month. Forums will also be provided to allow fans of jazz and hip hop to share ideas and discuss topics.

Richard Henry graduated from the University of Houston in 2005, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Piano Performance. In 2007 he studied jazz and blues piano at Houston Community College and learned how to rap in 2009. He also studied jazz composition and wants to release jazz and hip hop cds in the future.

The Hip Hop Knight's website will have a hip hop writing service that will gather information from clients and write songs for them. Hip Hop Lessons will also be available for purchase on the website.

Those who want to advertise on the websites will be required to submit a photo, a press release and album information if applicable.

Both websites will also have a twitter, myspace, facebook, blogger and youtube pages to increase its audience and influence. World Wide Jazz and Hip Hop Knights wants to take advantage of different avenues to be known around the world.

"Through my experience as a musician and performer, I want to use my knowledge and abilities to reach others and to make an impact in jazz and hip hop. I feel that now I am ready to take on the responsibility to draw upon resources to help me achieve this,” said Henry.

Richard Henry will cover the industries, artists, albums, controversies and news of jazz and hip hop.

This is an excellent opportunity to provide more channels for people who listen to jazz and hip hop. Richard Henry wants the websites to continue to grow, flourish and will work hard to make this possible.

For further information, contact Richard Henry at:

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