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(Houston, TX) --
Pianist Richard Henry has just launched the Hip Hop Knights website which is a hip hop site that will provide news, articles, merchandise, a forum, services and exclusive content related to the hip hop industry. The website will seek to serve the needs of hip hop fans around the world.

“The knights theme was intended to be a symbol of hip hop being a sacred art form and to represent the defending of those elements,” Henry said.

Exclusive content will be available for members that will include interviews, cd reviews, news and articles and will be available for $3.95 per month. The articles will focus on the hip hop industry which will feature topics ranging from the early roots of rap to the modern development of hip hop.

Richard Henry is a 2005 University of Houston graduate who studied Piano Performance at the Moores School of Music and studied jazz and blues piano in 2007 at Houston Community College who also learned how to rap in 2009.

“I learned how to rap in the past year and wanted to share what I know with others and want to make contact with anyone associated with the rap game”. Henry explains. “My other goal will be to help others who might want to know more about the music and its methods.”

Hip Hop Knights will have a diverse range of merchandise to sell that will include hoodies, mugs, caps, t-shirts, posters and more. They want its members to show their affiliation through the purchasing of its brand of clothing.

The services offered by Hip Hop Knights will include rap lessons and hip hop writing services. Hip Hop songs will be written for those who need songs. Rap artists who need songs written can provide an audio file of the beat, along with the form and other requirements. There will be one revision allowed for each song.

Hip Hop Knights will have a Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and Blogger page that will hope to attract more members so that they can spread across other channels on the web. A forum will be available for anyone in the hip hop industry and should be a melting pot of ideas and contacts between members.

The website hopes to get bigger as time goes on and that its popularity will soar and users will find it to be a very valuable resource for those interested in rap. Hip Hop Knights will cover a certain amount of material dealing with mainstream hip hop but also wants to focus on underground hip hop and some of the more lyrical rap songs.

Hip Hop Knights owner and founder,
Richard Henry


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