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CD Reviews : The 3rd World CD Review
By Richard Henry on August 14, 2010

Immortal Technique has emerged as a hip hop powerhouse on the east coast. The lyrical content of his music is political in nature full of deep meaning. His first album Revolutionary Vol. 1 contains the popular classic Dance With the Devil. Immortal Technique has won numerous rap battles and his song Industrial Revolution earned him the “Hip Hop Quotable” from The Source. Viper Records and Babygrande Records has helped make his album sales more effective with a better reach with audiences. He has been featured on video game and movie soundtracks and have used his effort and money to help others such as working with rights activists and raising thousands of dollars for children’s hospitals. In his newest album The 3rd World he is joined by artists such as Chino XL and Mojo in 16 tracks full of powerful meaning.

The opening track Death March introduces us to a kind of message that announces itself with force. In this song, the music makes you think of an incoming army that is approaching. Immortal Technique is spoken as the evil genius and makes a call to Peruvians, Salvadorians, Haitians and others. He speaks of how the powers ruined the countries and put the blame on other groups. Propaganda is spoken of as a virus that invades your psychology in relation to the lies that are broadcast to us everyday. His rhyme schemes are complex and still amazing as the topic of the war in Iraq is mentioned. There is a subject of a dark force seeking to destroy us in the lyrics.

Harlem Renaissance is a story about how the conditions in Harlem came to be what they are today in the fourth track. Immortal Technique speaks of people not being to own a home because of the discrimination experienced in terms of not being able to receive a loan from the banks. Prejudice is a theme that is mentioned here in this song. He is saying that people may not realize how bad it is right now but Harlem is not what it once was. There are a lot of places that are not affordable on purpose and that the residents of Harlem are the allies of the struggling people of the third world countries. Less people in Harlem own homes especially since gentrification and due to worse economic circumstances.

Police brutality, slaves and impoverished communities is express in the seventh track The 3rd World. The message expressed at the beginning is the suffering that people in the Caribbean and Africa has had to endure. In this track, the conditions of life in these countries are spoken about. Heroin in the slums and the bombs dropped in Vietnam are other examples of the life in other places outside of America. Presidents in these countries are very corrupt and even our own President does not really control what's going on. The third world has been polluted and corrupted by the powers that govern this world. Immortal Technique also speaks about the weapons in the Soviet Union, CIA and the Mafia.

A mystical child's voice sends the message that the tenth track Open Your Eyes speaks of. We were told certain things that turned out to be lies. Everything that is owned in our country is owned by people who exploited others who were not connected to our ethnicity. The corporations have the real freedom in their lust for power and greed. War and diseased killed millions and racism justified slavery. The market is manipulated by those who really have the power. Our resources, property, culture and our industries were taken away from us to control us while using our own people to push their agenda. The ones who control everything will stop at nothing to get what they want by fixing elections. They will even assassinate their own presidents.

The fifteenth track Parol [Evil Genius Mix] seems to be about a personal story in terms of not going back to a former troubled life. Being out of jail and choosing not to be involved in drug dealing is expressed here. Prison labor and sweat shops in third world countries are exploited through evil means. They will use the crime against the ones committing the crimes against them. You cannot allow yourself to fall into the trap of giving up and going to jail and prison. Slavery is compared in relation to being slaves to the justice system. When the terrorist threat is given attention, they will send the troubled ones to war to fight in the war. Immortal Technique was given another chance to spread his message indeed.

The 3rd World seems to be a report of what we already know that has happened and what is happening. You are led into a world of greed, lies, corruption and this message can only free you in the mental sense. I think that we have to be aware of what is going on through what we see every day in the news and in our neighborhoods. Immortal Technique has been a voice of those who have no voice. He has been a fighter of those who cannot fight back. The results of the wars and occupations are in plain view in front of our eyes. We have been brainwashed in thinking that those who have the money really care about our condition and lives. The reality is that they don't and we must wake up now.


The 3rd World CD Review
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