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CD Reviews : Liar & A Thief
By Richard Henry on August 16, 2010

Diabolic is an underground rapper from Long Island, New York who won a number of impressive rap battles in the national scene. His fame has continued throughout his career despite the fact that he never released an album or a single before 2010. His older brother had a collection of hip hop music that ranged from Black Sheep and NWA. He would listen to this music and attempted to write rhymes in the 8th grade. In high school, he would engage in lunchroom battles. Diabolic practiced very hard at freestyling and writing hip hop lyrics until he became successful. His album Liar & A Thief features seventeen hard hitting tracks that never lose momentum. Artists such as Deadly Hunta, Immortal Technique and Canibus add talent and experience to the tracks.

The opening track Stand By is started by a brief carefree introduction. Then the real heavy beat begins. Total authority can be heard and felt. You can instantly hear Diabolic’s incredible rhyming ability. He is definitely a master of hip hop poetry. Intimidation through a physical medium is express here. This track is like an anthem for hip hop.
Heavy downbeats give this song its powerful effect. An enormous presence is felt here.

The rock charged third track Riot feature Deadly Hunta and Limp Bizkit’s John Otto. Mixing rock and hip hop has been popular and it is still a good formula. A call and response is in the hook with a Jamaican voice. A crowd call follows the Jamaican style hook. Talk of the police and framing someone involving cocaine is expressed as well as giving the young people a future. The guitar sample gives this song a rush of energy.

In the beginning of the seventh track I Don’t Wanna Rhyme, a series of piano notes play. He speaks savagely of a seemingly corrupt police force. You can hear Diabolic rap about sex, mortality and fame. He also speaks of himself as a force to be reckoned with as a rapper. Diabolic is a very metaphoric hip hop artist and you hear amazing lines in his rhymes. Failure is not an option as stated in this track. The hook in this track says it all.

An interesting announcing opening begin the tenth track Not Again featuring Vinnie Paz. A suspended kind of drum beat gives this song a weighty experience. Like much of the album this is a heavy hitting track. He speaks of the process of writing rhymes. Intelligent, clever use of language is prominent in this song. Intimidation in a serious tone is sensed and felt. Religious references are also heard such as the demonic forces and Jesus himself.

A nice convincing beat is experienced in the fifteenth track Behind Bars. At the beginning, you can hear lyrics that deal with drug abuse. You can hear the subject of the mother of your child, paying child support and making sure you can feed your child. In this song, the lyrics seem to express wanting the crisis to end. The lyrics say that he needs to take control of the situation. There seems to be a theme of a relationship problem.

My overall impress of Liar & A Thief is that I think that this album was long overdue. Diabolic’s control and command of hip hop language is insanely remarkable. The album never loses steam and you can feel the muscle of the well crafted internal rhyme and metaphoric creativity. Viper Records has some of the best underground rap artists in hip hop today and we can expect more great material. You will listen to an incredible amount of variety of music to listen to in Liar & A Thief. This is an album that grips your ears and never lets go.


Liar & A Thief
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