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CD Reviews : Legacy
By Richard Henry on March 14, 2010

Legacy is an album by hip hop artist Akir that was released in 2006 through Viper Records. This album features guest artists such as Immortal Technique, Hasan Salaam, Mojo and Jean Grae. Akir, which stands for “Always Keep It Real”, released a mixtape titled The Secret. As CEO and co-owner of One Enterprises, he will be releasing an album titled The Plan this spring. With a whopping 20 tracks, Legacy has more than enough variety for any hip hop listener.

The introduction starts off with the idea of change, with a glimpse into history and spirituality. This track describes this legacy in terms of being the revolution of the people. The Initiation is the name of this first track featuring Abiodun Oyewole. You feel as though the objective of this CD is to bring an awareness of the unfinished work that the ones who came before us left for us to do and how it relates to the social issues affecting us in today’s world.

The third track titled Mood Music automatically hits you with the sound of determination and the fighter’s killer instinct. Two layers of piano notes gives you another added texture to the rocking beat. Basically Akir wants to be the amazing artist that we expect but he wants to do it on his own terms and not be like the others. Of course in this song he states that the nice things like a Mercedes would be nice to obtain but he is Akir, not Biggie or Nas.

This Is Your Life Pt. 2 which is the album’s sixth track gives you a real life look at the world with a modest bass line and smooth sounding strings that compliment the mood of the song. The nature of our economic system can allow situations to offspring that can seem to be beyond our control but you are responsible for your own success. You get a scene of the streets, with cops, drug abuse and a woman prostituting. There is also mention of the war with the Middle East.

The relaxing crystallized tenth track Change of the Seasons featuring Hasan Salaam depicts a theme of the cycle of life. This song gives us the impression of a situation with no father in the home, a mother who does service in a brothel, leading to a confused life that leads to delinquency. He is given a change at a new start with a family but is tempted to go back to the life of a hustler. Change of the Seasons has a very mystical, dreamy quality to it.

Legacy’s eighteenth track Tropical Fantasy acquaints us with the yearning to go and escape to a new place. Featuring Jean Grae, you have to love the verbal exchange between Akir and Grae. They speak of going to the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Dominica, and Antigua. A killer bass line can be heard and you can picture two people, or rather lovers going on a journey to another place on an airplane.

The variety and different kinds of beats really help this album come to life. Akir’s rapping ability is astoundingly poetic and his flow is continuous and never misses a beat. His all star guest artists blend in nicely to the overall structure and meaning of Legacy. I really enjoyed the diversity and the way the tracks tell a story of living and how it inspires change and investigates societal issues. Every hip hop fan, especially those who are into the underground hip hop scene should check out this album.


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