Steel Doors and Windows

Steel windows and doors offer greater strength and design flexibility.

Noteworthy unique features:

  • Look how much less “structure” is in these doors. Less to obstruct your view!
  • Look how wide each door is!
  • Steel ages a little over time, creating comforting authenticity
  • Steel windows and doors are very secure

Hard To Find?

100 years ago doors and windows like this were manufactured by the thousands, so they do exist. They may be very hard to find, but if you know of some good vintage building material hunting grounds, it would be worth an excursion. Sounds fun anyway!

Designing a project around an awesome old piece found in a pile somewhere is about the pinnacle of remodeling rock-star status anyway, so I think you should go for it!


Have Them Made!

If someone told you to go out and have your own unique custom new car made, you would probably think they were either way too rich or just plain crazy. Cars are expensive enough when mass produced, let alone made just for you.

Interestingly, the price bump for custom made building products is rarely as substantial. Look closely at an old steel window or door. It’s not that complex. A willing steel shop could fabricate a set of doors like this in less time than you would think and in my experience the price isn’t that bad. Especially when you compare it to the cost of a mass-produced “high-end” window or door. Those things aren’t cheap!

Tips for having doors or windows custom made:

  • have an example to show – find an old window sash that is made the way you want, even if it is the wrong size completely. You can use it to show the fabricator what you want.
  • bring a picture – If you can, bring a picture like the one above that is as close to what you want as you can find. It’s much easier for a shop to price custom work if you say the magic words “exactly like this”.
  • bring a drawing – If you have the skeeelz, draw a plan showing what you want. If you know a draftsman you might have an actual plan drawn up. (caution: showing up with expensive looking plans will help you get what you want, but it will usually raise the price)
  • think it through – Imagine the process of creating and installing the custom item. Think of how you’ll attach it to the building, how high you want the handles, how many hinges you want, etc. This will help you get an accurate estimate and a finished product that meets your needs.
  • think beyond the specialist – Steel work requires on very skilled guy: a welder. Beyond that, you don’t necessarily need a “window maker”. You’ll probably pay more at a “window and door” shop than you would at a place that looks a little like a junkyard but has a sign out front that says “steel fabricator” or “metalwork”.

Have you ever had a custom building product made? Have you ever designed and remodeled around a vintage bit of greatness?

I’d love to hear your story in the comments!

~ Tim

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Skotz Manufacturing, Inc. Magne 40-Inch Vinyl Mini Blind with 1-Inch Slats and 25-Inch Width, 40-Inch Drop
Home (Skotz Manufacturing, Inc.)
  • No tools, attaches in minutes
  • For steel doors with half windows
  • Will not leave holes or marks on steel doors
  • Affordable alternative to aluminum blind
  • You re pocketbook will love the Magne Blind; no screw holes in door, will not void door warranty

How to paint steel doors

2005-06-27 04:21:01 by Storm-doors-need-paint

Several years ago I had 3 steel storm doors installed. They came primed.They have windows on the top 1/2 that are trimed in a plastic looking product.
Because they've weathered a bit I plan to prime them then paint with a good exterior white paint.
What do I do with the plastic window trim?
It has yellowed some and will look awfull if I leave it as is. Will it hold paint? any other idea?
If I paint them a color, Do I paint this trim the same color or white?

ASSA ABLOY Expands Offering for Behavioral Health Door Openings  — PR Newswire
Ceco Door is the world's leading manufacturer of steel doors and frames. Offering a full line of quality custom and standard hollow metal doors and frames for new and retrofit construction projects in the commercial, educational and healthcare markets.

Amico Amico 2 x Silver Tone Stainless Steel Pull Handles Grips 6" for Windows Doors
Home Improvement (Amico)
  • Product Name : Pull Handle;Each Size : 150 x 35 x 20mm / 6 x 1.4x 0.8 (L*W*H)
  • Hole Diameter : 4mm / 0.16 ;Mounted Distance : 130 x 18mm/ 5.1 x 0.71 (L*W)
  • Material : Stainless Steel;Main Color : Silver Tone
  • Weight : 56g
  • Package Content : 2 x Canbinet Pull Handle
OXO OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee
Home (OXO)
  • Durable, flexible Squeegee blade
  • Soft, comfortable handle
  • Slim profile and light weight
  • Suction cup hanger provides easy, convenient storage
  • PVC-free suction cup for a secure hold on smooth, non-porous surfaces
Amico Amico Stainless Steel Sliding Window Door Spare Metal Parts Hook Locks 2 Pcs
Home Improvement (Amico)
  • Product Name : Hook Lock;Main Material : Stainless Steel
  • Suitable for : Sliding Window and Door;Main Color : Silver Tone
  • Hole Diameter : 5mm/ 1/5 ;Size(approx.) : 18.2 x 2.6 x 1.7cm/ 7.2 x 1 x 0.7 (L*W*T)
  • Net Weight : 165g
  • Package Content : 2 x Hook Locks,Sevaral Installing Parts
MaxMate Made In USA! Fit 2011-2013 Optima 6Pc Stainless Steel Door Pillar Posts Chrome Cover Window Trim -6pc
Automotive Parts and Accessories (MaxMate)
  • Made in USA! Brand New Pillar Posts including both driver and passenger sides(Window Sills sold separately).
  • Please click the See all vehicles link below to make sure it fits your vehicle.
  • Made of Marine grade #304 stainless steel with beveled edge. Carwash safe and UV protection.
  • No-Drilling installation. All parts come with red 3M adhesive tape on bottom and 2 white protective layers on top. Need to peel them off after installation.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.(The trim can t be re-applied afer your initial installation, so please test fitting before peel off any tape.)

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