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  • French Doors

    French doors add natural brilliance to any interior space. In addition to increasing the amount of light in any room, these doors are an elegant way to separate spaces within a home.

  • Rotating/Revolving Doors

    Revolving doors are energy efficient by reducing drafts. They are seen as a sign of prestige, enhancing a buildings architecture, while allowing large numbers of people to pass in and out.

  • Glass Doors

    The door to pick when you've got nothing to hide. These see-through doors help to keep the bugs out, while letting sunlight and great views in.

  • Pocket Doors

    Pocket Doors

  • Patio Doors

    Patio doors make a great entrance out onto your secluded patio. French patio doors can open nice and wide to let the warm summer breeze in.

  • Bullet Proof Windows and Doors

    Not only do we supply and install high grade bullet proof doors, but we can also provide bullet proof windows or glass as shown in the picture.

  • Over-head/Garage Doors

    We supply and install over-head and garage doors for both residential and commercial purposes.

  • Fire Rated Doors

    We will tell you your code requirements. Fire protection can help prevent the spread of fires and is required.

  • Traffic Doors

    Traffic friendly doors keep the perimeter sealed without stoping the flow of business. These doors can take a beating and last a lifetime. Rubber doors are extremely durable highly effective in commercial or industrial settings.

  • Automatic Doors

    Automatic, sensor doors are easily accessible doors which draw customers in your store. These easy access, hands free devices are heavy duty and can run on low energy settings while remaining fire rated.

  • Double Egress

    A double egress door is a door composed of two single-acting doors that swing in opposite directions. This allows for two way traffic. They can also be double acting which means that both doors can swing both ways.

  • Corporate Images Sonax NY-9584 New York 58 in. Metal and Glass TV Stand
    Single Detail Page Misc (Corporate Images)
    • TV storage with contemporary curves
    • Durable metal frame with tempered black glass
    • Sleek gun metal finish
    • 2 open shelves, wire-management system
    • Dimensions: 58W x 18.5D x 21.25H inches

    Installed a door with frame?

    2006-07-02 08:59:02 by ---

    I need to replace my front door and am thinking about buying one from Home Depot that is metal but looks like wood. The door is about $215 but the installation is $375, so I would obviously prefer to install it myself or at least get a handyman to do it. But it looks like the door comes with a frame already around it, so installing it is not just hanging it on the hinges. In fact, I have no idea how to go about installing it. I'm not sure if the frame part is wood or metal.
    Has anyone installed one of these Home Depot doors or a similar one? Can you point me to a website or how-to book that could explain how it's done? Thanks in advance.

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