Metal Door Decoration

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Create impact by giving your metal entrance door a new look. If painting is not an option, there are other ways to add some "pizzazz" to your door.

Paint Effects

You might try rolling out paint with a design roller, available in a variety of styles, to create a wallpaper look. You can add the look of texture by sponge painting a second color on top of the first. Try creating an interesting effect by applying paint and, while wet, removing some of it with a wood graining or strie tool. Use stencils to add decorative details. You can apply painter’s tape to mask off straight lines and geometric shapes for classic Craftsman style or a funky, modern look. Dip rubber stamps in exterior-grade acrylic and stamp an off-center line of motifs from top to bottom. Or, stamp an all-over pattern.

Decorating without Paint

Use magnetized accents if you don't want (or aren't permitted) to paint. Look online for magnetic car decorations (cars are made of metal, right?) and buy ready-made or custom designs. Hang a seasonal wreath or other lightweight, decorative item from an over-the-door wreath hook. Or use 3M’s Command Outdoor™, which adheres with a water-resistant strip and leaves no mark when removed.

Door Replacement

2010-08-30 14:52:43 by KandJWindows

There are many levels of quality of doors, entry level just means that it is the quality and price of where doors start. A "steel" fire door can be considered an entry level door, a flush panel door without panels can be considered an entry level door. You can quickly upgrade a door and its cost. For instance going beyond an entry level door to a fiberglass door, you can upgrade to a decorative fire door, you can even get a firedoor that is made out of knotty alder if you wish. You get the point. The other point is that one company should be able to give you many different choices so that you can decide what best fits your budget and style preferences

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