Custom Hollow Metal Doors


Stainless hollow metal doors are constructed with face sheets of16 or 14 gauge type 304 or 316 in No.3,4 or 2b mill finish stainless steel. Doors have 16ga or 14ga stainless steel vertical reinforcing channels running the full height of door on both hinge and lock stiles. The top and bottom of the door is reinforced with a continuous 16 or 14 gauge stainless steel channel. Both hinge and lock edges are fully welded.The seam welded edges and all reinforcement welds are ground and polished to maintain a smooth finish. NCHM staineles steel doors are available in standard sizes as well as custom sizes up to 5'0" width and 12'0" height. U.L. and Warnock Hersey label doors with 20 minute 3/4 hour,1-1/2 hour and 3 hour rating are available with honeycomb cores up to a maximum size of 4'0" width 8'0" height single door or 6'8" width 8'0" height pair of doors.

Doors are mortised and reinforced for hardware. Mortised hardware and reinforcements are drilled and tapped at the factory. Reinforcements for surface applied hardware are drilled and tapped in the field by the contractor. All reinforcing components shall be fabricated from staineless steel.

Polystrene,honeycomb and vertically stiffened cores are available. Polytrene cores are laminated to the inside face sheets to fill the inside of the door. Label doors have honeycomb cores permanently bonded to the inside face sheets. Vertically stiffened doors are constructed with an insulated core permanently bonded to the stiffners and the face sheets.

Rust Prohibitive Door:
To prevent rusting in highly corrosive areas (Ex: Coastal Regions,garden sheds,etc) NCHM has developed a Rust Prohibitive Door made from stainless steel. It is an alternative to a standard galvanneal door and cheaper than a molded door. We use 304 #2b mill finish,construct it like our standard door and then cover it with our rust inhibiting primer.

The 3 factors that nobody has mentioned that

2012-03-12 18:59:46 by are_THE_most_

Critically important factors when choosing exterior door materials are:
If your entry door has no overhang or awning keeping sun and rain off of it, or faces south or west, or is going to be painted/finished a dark color, don't even think about a wooden door...many companies won't even warranty wood doors with that kind of exposure anyway.
Steel doors are OK except they can rust so aren't the best choice at the beach or very damp areas...and inexpensive ones are often so thinly clad that they dent with the tiniest amount of pressure

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