Commercial Steel Doors Seattle

Steel doors guard entrance to gun emplacement which formerly

When your doors & equipment are down - So is your Business!

If you are a business owner or involved in commercial property management in the greater Seattle area, you know how important proper maintenance can be for your industrial doors, loading dock equipment, fire doors, security grilles and access systems.

Whether you need quality repair solutions, special parts, or a certified, technician to get your damaged equipment up-and-running, you can count on the Commercial and Industrial Door Division of Precision Door.

Need ADA approved automatic doors installed or serviced?

We are AAADM certified and will not only provide the necessary inspections but provide installation and repairs as well.

Call Precision Door Commercial to have us repair and maintain your rolling steel or sectional doors. One call does it all.

Architectural Mailboxes Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Jr. Mailbox, Pearl Gray
Home Improvement (Architectural Mailboxes)
  • Postmaster General approved and patented design allows delivery of mail bundles and small parcels - perfect for Internet and catalog shoppers
  • Body constructed of heavy 16 and 18 gauge galvanized steel fully powder coated prior to assembly for durability and long life
  • Doors include rubber seals to keep deliveries clean and dry - all hardware made from stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials
  • Suitable for installation into a pilaster or column - the entire outer shroud is one piece to resist moisture and the elements
  • 18-Inch d x 15-Inch h x 11.5-Inch w, 23-Pound - Use Adapter Plate 7530-10 for 4x4 wood post installation

You are an idiot

2010-07-08 09:05:48 by --

commercial not a form of alt housing since its not designed, intended, leased or permitted for any housing purpose whatsoever
Using a space that was never designed or intended to be used as a residential space- like shipping containers, large industrial tanks and silos, aircraft parts, is a HUGE part of what constitutes "alternative housing", not to mention all of the buildings like fire stations, schools, factories, etc. that are used as alternative residential spaces.
is there a kitchen? a shower? safety features required for dwellings? no.

Alfresco Grills Alfresco AB-42 42-Inch Double Sided Access Door
Lawn & Patio (Alfresco Grills)
  • All-welded commercial stainless steel design
  • Integrated storage rail inside doors
  • Polished stainless steel handles
  • Double door unit also available in 30-inch
Alfresco Grills Alfresco AB-17R 17-Inch Single Access RIGHT Door
Lawn & Patio (Alfresco Grills)
  • All-welded commercial stainless steel design
  • Integrated storage rail inside doors
  • Polished stainless steel handles
  • Right and left access doors and be install as a side-by-side unit
Alfresco Alfresco 42 Inch High Profile Sealed Dry Storage Pantry Enclosed Cabinet
Lawn & Patio (Alfresco)
  • All commercial #304 Stainless Steel (18/8) welded construction.
  • Gasketed doors seal out the outdoor environment.
  • Low-body units designed to fit under Alfresco grills and accessory units.
  • High-body units deisnged to come up nearly to countertop height.
  • 30 or 42 Wide, in both High-Body and Low-Body models.
Alfresco Alfresco AKK Outdoor Kegerator
Major Appliances (Alfresco)
  • All commercial #304 Stainless Steel (18/8) welded construction.
  • 7.25 cu. ft. interior storage space with adjustable wire shelves.
  • High velocity fan-operated evaporator.
  • Door can be field-reversed.
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel removable wire shelves.

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